Ugghh to all the "fat" stories!!! It is so bad, I remember being at the vets in the waiting room, and EACH and EVERY dog that came in or went out during my time there was grossly obese!

My vets have a program going to encourage people to get their dogs on a diet. A contest with prizes for the 'biggest loser', and their story printed up in a flyer and given out to clients to inspire them. Sorta sad it has come to that.

I think the receptionists have been instructed to ask everyone if they are interested in joining in the contest. Twice now I've had a receptionist peer over the counter and take a look at either Keeta or Gryff, depending who was with me, and remark "Oh, you don't need the info on the contest" almost like they are surprised! (though I have a psycho evil cat that could benefit from such a program whistle

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