I went to a class for work a while ago and one of the things the instructor challenged us to do is to think about anything that we were supposed to do in our lives that we have been putting off. What came to mind was an idea that I had for a devotional. I like to write and my faith is very important to me. It is a way for me to talk about how my faith has helped me through struggled in my life and HOPEFULLY be a blessing to other people.

When I started getting more into training with Bison, there were a lot of incidents that struck me as spiritual analogies. I came up with the idea to use dog training as the basis for the devotional. After watching Julie and Julia, I decided to make it a blog. Besides, I am not a good enough writer to get published.

I started out with 9 posts the first month catching up with all the thoughts that had been running through my head, and now try to post at least one per month.

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