Do you think it is necessary to have your puppy enrolled in puppy classes AND belong to a club (schutzhund)?

I didnít plan on attending obedience classes outside of the time we train at the club but was wondering what others have done?

I have a core group of dogs that we train with nightly (at least 4-5 times per week) at various locations (parks, neighbourhoods, malls, parking lots, sidewalks, middle of the city, country roads and forests, etc.) and we sometimes have new dogs come with us to train, or at least play with ours after our training is finished.

The trainers in this area are very ďpet obedienceĒ motivated while I agree that this type of training is all well and good - I personally donít believe that it is the route I want to go with my new puppy. I did A LOT of ďfixingĒ with Stark once we started at the club and donít want to make the same mistakes twice.

What types of formal training classes did you participate in with your working dog? Or did you for-go the classes and stick solely with the club training?

I have also been taking agility classes with Stark and enjoy that and was hoping to take the new puppy there as well. Would this be beneficial to our schutzhund training or not?
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