I'm going round and round about this.

We keep talking about doing RAW, but just can't find the space to have a good freezer and our setup is not the best. But it might happen down the road.

Orijen and Acana...I've been feeling rather ambivilent about them lately. Between the price increases and availability issues...ehh not feeling it. Orijen is probably more expensive than feeding RAW now. And if I'm going to pay that much for dog food, then I might as well just suck it up and do RAW rather than anything processed.

So bring the suggestions on! Elsa gets Natural Balance and EVO Red (we just started adding the EVO back in after a break because I thught it might be causing an ear infection, but so far so good). I don't want to feed either to a puppy. I like the idea of a single-source protein for puppies, but I don't think the LID foods quite pull it off to feed if you don't have to. NB has been a god-send for Elsa, though.
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