Sorry, I wrote Chile is free of tick diseases, when I should have wrote we are free of lyme (though there are 2 cases reported but not confirmed) I met myself one dog with ehrlichiosis some years ago.

Thanks everybody for your support!!! It is so frustrating because during March we lost 2 dogs on my SAR team, one for elbow dysplasia: Bruma, the black WL GSD who was living here (and I picked she has problems and requested the X-rays) and another GSD with a back problem, I don't remember now which one. BTW, when I say we lost, I mean for the team, both dogs are under treatment and living happy pet lives. Now with Akela limping the worst scenarios are playing in my mind. That while the Labradors are mutts are healthy as rocks and being retired at old age.

Elbows are still not requested in Chile for breeding, Akela's breeder is probably one of the two or three breeders I know that voluntarily check elbows, and that is one of the reasons I wanted a pup from him, so I have very bad luck or the breed is already too doomed and no precaution is enough... sigh!

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