Still worried about starting treatment on Mila given her barking/activity outbursts. We have tried xanax and she still can breakthrough that with the barking. I have moved her out of a common area and into a bedroom and into an airline type crate. That has helped a bit but I feel SO bad for her - she loves to be right in the middle of things. She is kind of controlling and uses her voice and jumps around. Very scary picturing those heartworms dying off and causing a clot with that kind of activity.

Now looking at combining Tramadol and Trazodone. If anyone knows anything about this let me know, please! I would like to start her...soon! Anything I use needs to be shown safe for heartworm treatment.

I also contacted a communicator - I will try whatever. She's so darned sweet and I don't want anything to happen to her.
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