Again - not about Aodhán - she's doing great as far as her back and not due for an adsjustment for another couple of weeks.

DH had his first acupunture visit last Thursday and is already seeing some differences with just the one treatment. He has some gastric issues that he hopes this will help. The doctor thinks he might even be able to get him off the meds he is on right now. And that would really please my DH, who hates having to take pills and really prefers more homeopathic medicine when its a viable option
We'll see if things continue to improve, but right now it looks encouraging.

Aodhán says hi and she'd be feeling really great if not for the sore she's developed on a rear foot due to excessive licking after I took a tick out from between two toes. Talk about a nasty place for the tick to hide. I never would have found it if I hadn't seen her licking her foot so much. She's not too happy with me right now because I'm making her wear a cone for a few days so her foot can heal. And I've been making her take Bug Off with her meals because I've found 3-4 on her inspite of preventative stuff. She doesn't like it, but will eat it as long as it's mixed in with some Primal grind.

I hate ticks. It's funny, until the last year or so I never found ticks on her but would find them on Rica. And I don't find any on Caleb. Wonder if the nasty buggers find it easier to get on her because she's a bit more sedentary than Caleb, who is on the go all the time. She's content to find a shady spot and chill out for part of the day - especially when it's hot.

Caleb (aka Caleb-Moose)
Ciara(aka Ciara Belle, Black Devil)

RIP Aodhán, Rica, Max, Kelly - gone but never forgotten - forever in my heart