Thanks everyone, great suggestions for the lungs, I will be certain to be googling and asking my vet about them.

I feel so terrible, that at the same time I've been trying over and over again to cut back on abx, that my boy has been developing this state of walking mild septic shock I guess.

I took him off tylan back then because I felt that he was he wasn't doing well, when , in reality, he might have needed stronger abx. He keeps needing more and stronger abx, so I really hope that my vet will follow through on this plechner protocol, it's the only possible thing I see to break the cycle.

If it's not SIBO, it might be the stupid tick stuff, though I will always suspect the fact that stb-ex used the toilet for his water bowl before we met. Idiot, who does that anyway, and in a breed so susceptible to bacteria. I know that was a long time ago, but he's been sick a very very long time, it just progresses.

He has a harder time breathing after meals. I thought it was something I've been giving, I've been trying all sorts of different combinations - I bet it's an inflamed gut.

And none of that touches the possible lung stuff. When he was younger, he would have problems breathing, and laying down and me stretching out his ribcage would help. That makes me think of the lung stuff a bit, everything very tight

Today is the chiro, for both of us.

Tomorrow I find out what the acu vet has to say about starting the protocol.

If I start SIBO treatment the day before the test, do you think it makes a difference?
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