I've just added all the dog's blogs listed here to our site (which is also a blog):


You can see all the links in the lower right sidebar.

I also added JeanKBB's iMom logo to the bottom footer under "Worth Causes Helping Dogs in Need" section.

If anyone else would like their dog blog added you can PM me at any time. If I missed anyone's dog blog, please let me know or if I named your blog in such a way that you'd like it changed, please feel free to PM me with your correction.

I think it would be GREAT if everyone here who's got a dog blog would add everyone else's dog blogs in this thread to their websites so that site visitors can get exposure to other dog blogs. Maybe we can all get more site visitor input on our blogs this way. Referring to one another's sites is something I like to promote and share with my blog readers.

Since some of you have mentioned that you like to read blogs, I do have an RSS feed if anyone is interested you can get updates by email. Left sidebar under "Share Us."

I've also started a page for health concerns for dogs which I've added Lisa's links and the one on Addison's Disease. If you have any other ones you feel would be good for this page or I missed a health link here, again please PM me the link(s). This page is here:


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