Heehehehee, you're not the boss of me. Yes! He would never say it but in his head he's trying to get the guts to let it out. Then, sigh, never mind. smile

Yep, almost a year. And she's not a fit with most of the group (she's a happy girl in a Girl, Interrupted household) so it's not as easy as a pup but she is so worth it. I hear what you are saying though! laugh I guess I like fostering for BDBH (and Dylan's rescue too) because they understand and let fosters know they may have a dog a lot longer than you might think, and that's okay. Remember, I was going to take a break, so she's not taking another dog's place. rofl Some break! smile

She is a bouncy beautiful and big hearted girl. Things are moving forward (slow but moving) in the adoption realm, which is fine with all involved - all expected, timeline wise, and gives me time to take care of her carpal splints!

Thanks everyone!
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