For a family with older children who want a GSD but are not really ready or committed to go through all the necessary training, socialization and exercise for the dog?

These are their requirements - medium to large size (40 lbs +), social as opposed to aloof, moderate exercise needs, and "easier." By easier I think they mean they don't plan on doing obedience classes, don't want to spend a lot of time and energy on socialization (at least not what's necessary for a GSD), and don't want to spend 2+ hours on exercise/training a day. I think they are in love with the looks and temperament of a GSD, but when I told them how much dedication and interaction raising a GSD requires, they started looking kind of worried and asked me if there was another breed that might be better.

I know a lot of people are going to say, if you don't want to put in work then you shouldn't get a dog at all, and I agree. But I think this family is willing to put in time and energy for exercise, just not what is necessary for a GSD.

I can think of some small breed dogs that might be a good match (like a pug) but I'm drawing a blank for larger breed dogs. Any suggestions would be appreciated!