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Retired racing greyhounds can be great pets for lazy owners so long as they have a fenced yard or nearby park where the dog can run for a few minutes.

Beat me to it!

I 3rd that! I work at a house with 2 GH's and they are couch potato, sun spot seekers. They live on a lake, so the house takes up all the property, the dogs get on leash exercise only. They could care less and are fairly stable nerve-wise.
One is crate anxious/drools when crated(possibly due to her past,possible crate stacking?) but she is fine, not destructive if left out.
GH's rescues are eval'd very well too, so that is a bonus, you know what you are getting for the most part.
One of the GH's has a SLO immune problem(which is managed), but otherwise they are really healthy.
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