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Lisa have I ever said how awesome you are? If I haven't you should know that is what I am thinking at this moment smile

blush my dogs have been very good teachers!

Since Pepe is up and better, and I didn't use the LP food they gave me for him, I returned it and brought my vet bill down to about $450 for both him and Nadia. Considering all the two of them have been through this week, that isn't too terribly bad I suppose.

Considering how sick Pepe was, and some expensive labwork for Nadia, it definitely could have been worse. Juggling the finances is really tough, particularly with two of them sick.

If you run general bloodwork on Nadia, I would really be interested in seeing her lipase level. Before Max was really sick, it was always very low, showing to me that he probably had a harder time digesting fat. Lipase is not usually included on blood panels, you have to ask that it's included. It's more of a curiosity than anything.

I don't know about the organ meets. They should be higher in vit A, which is good for the eyes, but it's all sorta experimentation. There aren't any tests around that really help with this stuff, unfortunately.

eta: Also, debbieg has also had good results with the Canine Complete too, I believe.

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