True on the pace and body language. Head up, chest back, I try to look at the dog from the corner of my eye while I am looking ahead. If you look at the ground about 10 feet in front of you can keep an eye on the dog that way. Glancing back and turning your head drops your shoulder and causes the dog to lag.

Lies I have kept lots of judges on their feet in the AKC ring as I stride out smartly. I have been run into lots of walls too. rofl

I know this class you are in Shawn and I would tell you to find another one but there is not another one. shrug At least you can keep food in a place you can jackpot her that is new, at one time that was not allowed either. I was enrolled in this class and lasted one session, Havoc was not ready to be in a class where I was not able to reinforce him with food at a high rate. Sadly, he had better obedience that the instructors dog. Young dogs learning to heel and stay in groups are under stress and need a high level of reinforcement. The instructor would rather you use praise and correction to teach the dog and that is fine for her but she leaves no room for the dog at Saber's level that still needs more reinforcement. Saber needs time to learn that praise is also reinforcementand the food is coming. So glad you can take her and jackpot her for an especially good effort. I actually think I told the instructor that no one was going to tell me how to reinforce MY dog in ANY class. End of me in that class. rofl

I think putting go sniiff on cue gives you the control over it. I think when you do this at some point you get to what Lies referred to, the dog knows when it is business because you told them so and the need tt sniff is put on the back burner. They know eventually you will let them. I always allow my dogs time to sniff at a new place. Just my preference.

I think you do a good job of weeding through all the different methods and preferences and find the best fit for you and Saber. Keep up the good work. cheers

PTE,AC,URO3,AG2,UCD Xtra!Xtra! v. TeMar CDX,GN,RE,CGC,TC,HIC, Bh "Havoc" 6/4/07
PAM, URO3, UCD, UACH Tidmores Rising Star Lydia "Mayhem" CD,BN,RE,AX,AJP,OFP,P1J,CA,DN,HT,TKN,TC,CGCA 4/4/12

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