Would they be open to a very large dog? The reason I ask is with the economy and such alot of people are giving up mastiffs, Saints and extra large mixes because of cost. I mean the food bill makes my eyes bug out of my head, the drool is like OMG I just polished the dining room table, but I really love Dolly. Take her for a walk, let her play with Oz in the yard, she tires before him and he's an old man smile Other than that, she would sit beside you all day for ear rubs. The training is slower, but she's super smart. One incidence of counter surfing since she's been here and hey it was a nice roast, I would have done it too. Yesterday she was a bit sulky, but in the morning I gave her a treat and she was excited and grazed my hand with her teeth, it shocked me, I didn't yell, but she acted like she had done bad all day after. Soft, sweet personality, really wants to work for me.
Patti loved by Ozzy (proud to be a Heinz 57) and Dolly (weighs more than most people, St. Bernard)...
Sandi's waiting at the Bridge