Sorry I have not been around much.
Crazy around here, in a bit of a fog.

The past few weeks Kelso has been doing really well, tapering off the steroids and acting more like himself than I have seen him in awhile. I think I even commented to Lisa that I felt like I was meeting an old friend again, he was just doing great.

I got up for work at 5am this last Sun morning (one reason I have not been around) and Kelso was sleeping, I let him out, ect., was acting fine. The night prior we were actually commenting on how well he was doing.

At around noon Dan called me and said he was at the ER vet (same one). Kelso had refused his food so Dan took him in, knowing the signs from before.

Fever was 106, platlets 20,000. Lowest they have been. He stayed overnight and was given IV Baytril and Ampicillin. Perked up the next morning. The critical care vet that saw him last time spoke with me and seems confident that this is lymphoma/leukemia. As he counts were way out of wack (lymphocytes really high) and neutrophills really low. So the lymphs appear to be crowding out his neutrophills which is why he has had these infections. She thinks that this evidence, paired with the positive cancer testing is a diagnosis we can no longer ignore. Bone marrow biopsy not possible as his platlets are so low, and at this point probably does not make a difference. He also has an enlarged submandibular lymph node which points to the diagnosis as well in some cases, this was never present before that we know of

We were able to take him home last night, thankfully. He is resting well and amazingly is doing better than the last episode for now. No clear source of infection, still on steroids and atbx.

As of now we are planning on rechecking his counts at the end of the week and administering chemotherapy. We did not do it while he was there as his counts were in a dangerous range to not make chemo safe. They say it does not have to many side effects for dogs (chemo) and with him turning around so quick we want to give it a go. As long as he is fighting through this and comfortable and happy, and we can have more time with him, we want to try it.

It will probably be Vincristine. Anyone have any experience with chemo in dogs?

It took me awhile to post this because it is honestly really hard to talk about. I alternate between being at peace with this and waking up in the middle of the night sobbing. I thought about not coming here at all. But everyone has been so helpful and kind and really helped us through this, the least I could do would be to tell you what is going on. It is just hard to say

The last few weeks were wonderful, we have had a mild mild winter with no snow at all, Kelso was having fun. He is a strong dog.

One of my favorite pictures, this was taken not even a year ago (last Feb). I just can't believe it really. Glad the snow has stayed away this year for Kelso

Thank you again for your thoughts and prayers. Our hearts are breaking but we just have to keep thinking that he will get better, at least for a little bit, he has not told us that he is to tired to do this yet


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