Loki got a big 'hole' in his side from another of his unknown self inflicted wounds. By the time we noticed it and got him in it would have been a big deal to put him under and clean and unbride (?) the edges and stitch him up. So we kept it clean with an Antibiotic cream on it.

After if finally healed over I thought it would never grow hair again. I started rubbing on Bio oil and it seemed to help soften the skin and I noticed the hair started to finally grow back in. I haven't looked lately so I imagine the center were the original crater was might not have much in the way of hair, but you have to part the fur to see were it is.

Can you get some Bio oil?

Pssst It's also great for age spots, wrinkles, stretchmarks and scars. Not that any of us have any of that just saying. whistling
Loki 8/23/08,& Augie, bday-11/13 Gday-3/14,
Larka 1/4/06-8/16/17 Palla, 7/16/06-6/10/16 you were the tree that gave me shelter, the rock that gave me strength, for ever in my heart, until my journey has run its length. I will always love you.