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Thank you! Sorry I did not post last night - I was helping to evaluate some dogs in the current therapy animal class and got home late.

I figured that you had a life, and stuff to do wink I knew you would update when you were ready or had time!

After I told her the history of the break outs, infection and swelling the past 2 weeks, we both agreed that the sores seemed to have peaked and now were getting a little better. .....

You can see that the skin is trying to heal over and there is no infection showing now.

Super news that there is improvement. Watch carefully, if you see any backsliding, back on the antibiotics!

Here Dr talked again about wanting to stay away cyclo if at all possible. She took her off the cipro since the area looks painful, but clean. She wants to see if Skye's lethargy is from the cipro. She sleeps so much and only plays with Buddy in short bursts.

She put her on prednisone, but just 2X a day for three days.

Hmmm, wonder if it is from the Cipro? That is a pretty high powered antibiotic.

On the PF list, seems that some dogs respond to pred, some to cyclo, some need both.

Interesting the 2x per day for 3 days, but then what until your next check up? Nothing for the remaining two weeks, other than the protopic? That makes me nervous. The rule I wish I would have followed, is don't change anything as long as the PF is improving. I understand changing the Cipro if it's causing lethargy, but nothing other than the tac after three days????

Curious, what dosage is being used for the pred?

In two weeks with no changes in diet, Skye gained 5 pounds. blush

Wonder if there was some SIBO and the weight gain was from the probiotics? Max gained weight with the antibiotics, moreso recently, maybe from food change, maybe other things. If Skye gained from the antibiotics, then I would consider treating with abx longer....of course I'm a big fan of doxy for both SIBO and the PF here.

But - she is going to do more research to see what she finds about the tac being very harsh and people being advised to go once a day on it.

She probably won't find anything, it's one of those client experience things. I don't know how many dogs it's true for though.

I'm hoping that you made a typo about the pred for three days, and then nothing?????

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