I received an email from the director of one of the rescues I volunteer with asking if I could foster this dog because she needs someone with "shepherd" experience since they think the dog has shepherd in it. Off the bat, I do not think that is the case AT ALL. What do you guys think?

But, either way she needs to go into a foster that has more experience with "stronger" personalities. She didn't do well in a kennel environment (there is a kennel that will keep a dog here and there for free for us), so they took her out of there. But she isn't doing much better in the house it sounds like.

I, unfortunately, am not in a position to help in any tangible way. The dog sounds like a sweetie, but definitely has some issues that are an absolute no-go in my house. But I thought I'd give you guys a background on the problems and see if you have any suggestions I might be able to pass on.

They say she has an "alpha" personality and and is a rescource guarder of toys. Those, meh, not such a big deal. it sounds like this dog is TOTALLY independant and wants nothing to do with the fosters. IMO that is the antithesis to the typical shepherd personality.

The real problem is that she has what they are describing as "night anxiety" where she can't settle at night. Barks, whines, paces, has accidents, etc. I'm not sure of all the training things they've tried, but I know they've tried benedryl to make her sleepy (works for a few hours) and a xanax, which she has a bad reaction to. This is a total humdinger to me and I can't say I've ever heard of anxiety at night like this. Obviously wearing on the current fosters and they can't do it any more.

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