I can't imagine being dogless. I just can't.

It's why I maintain a herd of dogs, and not just individuals, but dogs of different sizes and different ages, so that if life goes as planned, I always have at least two at a time.

Of course, life doesn't always go as planned. The 16 year old who bloated outlived the 2 year old undergoing routine surgery. But we manage to go on, and I've learned that those who leave do so to make room for others who need us too. Life happens. We open our home and hearts again and again because that's who were are and part of the reason we were put on this earth. I know that our furry ones who left would not be happy knowing that no one was lying on our feet as we watch TV, encouraging us to hike up that steep trail or guarding the house from squirrels.

And honestly, I don't think we have any idea how to spend money if we didn't have dogs. rofl