Well, D'argo turned 6 months old today.

I'm amazed by how wonderful he is. A true German line schutzhund puppy for sure.

Here is the latest weight. I double checked it on a calibrated scale at the vets and it is correct, although I had to do it a couple of times to make sure, as it was hard to believe!

8 weeks 24 lbs.
10 1/4 weeks 28 lbs.
11 1/2 weeks 32 lbs.
12 weeks 36 lbs.
13 weeks 39.2 lbs.
14 weeks 42 lbs.
15 1/2 weeks 49.2
16 weeks 51.2 lbs.
17 weeks 57.2 lbs. (looks a little fat!)
18 week 55.2 lbs. (cut back on food then he got sick and lost weight)
19 weeks 57 lbs. (taller/longer and looks good...a little thin but active and happy again)
20 weeks 59.6 lbs.
21 1/2 weeks / 5 months 65.6 lbs.
26 weeks 78.4 lbs.(he might even be a touch thin!)

A silly little(!) puppy that weighs almost 80 pounds is quite a handful for sure, but he is just fantastic. Chews on me a bit still, but has learned to be gentle. He's aggressive, but quite friendly. Good prey instincts and learns faster than I can teach him. Hasnít left my side since the day he was born, Iím so lucky to work at home and see him developÖIím a very happy daddy.