Wow, so glad to see that there are other folks with larger furkids. We are quite certain we were given a moose in GSD clothes and have spent considerable time searching for the zipper!

Just today ( he will be spot on 7 months on Sunday June 16) I had to order a kennel sized for a Great Dane and the giant sized dogs as he can no longer sit up comfortably or stretch out even a little bit in his current GSD recommended size crate.

We didn't measure height but the weights we tracked are as follows:

01/01/2013 6 weeks 12 lbs
at exactly 12 weeks 34 lbs
at 14 weeks 48 lbs
at 19 weeks 63 lbs
and now 28 weeks as of 6/11/2013 76 lbs

boy measuring playful doof is as of this minute he is 28 1/2 inches tall from paw to shoulder. Maybe we have a Great Dane disguised as a GSD? I know that everywhere we go, even to the vet, we constantly hear comments on what a big boy he is and since two of his litter mates come to the same vet we know they are large pups as well but both a bit smaller than Neeko.

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