Sorry for not keeping this up to are the latest for D'argo:

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8 weeks 24 lbs.
10 1/4 weeks 28 lbs.
11 1/2 weeks 32 lbs.
12 weeks 36 lbs.
13 weeks 39.2 lbs.
14 weeks 42 lbs.
15 1/2 weeks 49.2
16 weeks 51.2 lbs.
17 weeks 57.2 lbs. (looks a little fat!)
18 week 55.2 lbs. (cut back on food then he got sick and lost weight)
19 weeks 57 lbs. (taller/longer and looks good...a little thin but active and happy again).
20 weeks 59.6 lbs.
21 1/2 weeks / 5 months 65.6 lbs.
26 weeks 78.4 lbs.(he might even be a touch thin!).
8 months: 85 lbs. He was under the weather for a bit.

9 months 91.5 lbs.
10 months 91 lbs. He was under the weather again and just started being active.
11 months 93.5 lbs.
1 year 95 lbs.
1 year 3 weeks 97.5

100 will come and go within another month or so I am guessing. Still seems to be headed for my guess of around 115 lbs. summer weight.

He has had some limping/listlessness/loss of appetite ('under the weather')and I am concerned about it being Lyme (see 18 weeks) but no confirmation. I may treat anyway, as it won't hurt.

Happy, overly energetic, wiggles like a little puppy when happy, stands on my shoulders and almost can look me in the eye. Never had a fight, he thinks small biting dogs are playing. He loves to play and drags me from bed and I drag him to bed. My girlfriend says he looks like a cartoon...air brushed...too cute. Still has big feet! He will pick up a toy and run for ever if another dog will chase him.

He doesn't rally seem big to me until I see him next to a dog I've previously known...then he looks pretty darn BIG.