Hi all,
I am sure I have mentioned before but I wondered if anyone here medicates their dog for storms. And if so, what do you give?

Molly is progressively getting worse and we are having thunder every second day at the moment. Today she had on her Thundershirt and 3mg of Xanax and it didn't make a dent in her panic. I thought when I take Coop to the vet this coming week I would ask him what else I can do, but wanted any feedback here first please.

Today she started trying to climb on the kitchen bench, climb the shelves in the pantry and linen cupboard. These are all new behaviours. Our usual routine is she either hides in my wardrobe or I hold her on my bed (which is what we did for 3 hours).

Any help please would be gratefully received.

I should add I have tried DAP, rescue remedy and another apawtherapy natural remedy but she is so bad frown
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