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Lol, I thought about this thread as I was on hold today and the recording was talking about the importance of dentals and that most dogs by the age of 3 have evidence of peridontal disease....

Yes, very timely I guess.

I frequent two VCA clinics, both were not-VCA when I first went to them. At the bottom of every receipt, there is a list of all possible vaccines and when the dog should have them. At the specialty clinic, they have some listed as not recommended at least. At the clinic where I heard this recording, they recommended all the vaccines be discussed with the vet. It sickens me actually.

The older vets do what they feel is best I'm sure, but they are paid partially based on the amount of paid services that they bring in, which I wish this report would have gone into. I have to wonder, vets straight of school, starting here as a first job, what this teaches many of them. I think some will have a good compass regardless, but a lot don't, and many are impressionable coming straight out.

I envy places that have vet practice choice that aren't corporate owned - we've lost the battle here. I hope someday to see this turn around.
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