I suppose nobody has any collar news in over two years. Lol.

I feel awkward posting this. You will see why later.

You have to check out www.studzdog.com

He makes the finest collars and harnesses in the world. Period. He is a one man show. Anything you get from him is crafted by him and him alone.
He will also make custom items that aren't listed on his site. Just ask him.

Who is he? He's my brother. Yea, it might sound like I'm pimping my brother's stuff. That's not the case. I'm trying to inform you about custom shop that you wouldn't know about otherwise. The best product for your dog.

This is why I feel awkward. I don't care for my brother and he hates me. I shouldn't be helping him. But I'm not helping him. I've seen his work and there is none finer. I'm helping you.

Just do your dog a favor and check it out.

Any questions PM me. I don't have a dime in this and I don't think he's in it for the money either. He has a true love for dogs.
Kibu 02/12/2014