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There is probably a thread about this already but I couldn't find it.
On Tuesday we are heading to Florida (from MA) with Abby.
She is almost 5 and we have never traveled more than 300 miles with her.
We are bringing along Benadryl just in case. Looked up the dosage, etc.
Most motels are pet friendly and easy to find on the web.
We expect to stop every 2-3 hours for water, food, etc.
Any tips or caveats are greatly welcomed.

I traveled with 3 dogs all the way from NY to Texas.

They always had water in their crates, I stopped every four-six hours to let them stretch and potty. I did keep their normal feeding routine.
I had a container with their food and always two or three gallon jugs of water in the car.

Every once in a while I did have problems to find a pet friendly motel but I never had to search long.


My dogs are seasoned travelers though. From flying to long distance trips, they know it all.