Well, been awhile, but D'argo tipped 110 lbs 2 months ago, right about 1 1/2 years. I will weigh him again soon, guessing around 115 lbs...just as I had expected, no matter what the silly weigh calculators told me...LOL!

He has big feet still and still looks a bit puppy...king puppy maybe...LOL!

Great little kid, chews on my feet (he'll take off your shoes if you are not carefull), I can take toys from his mouth...and he manages to never hurt me. He is a playful little boy that will have fun with a kitten, a 6 pound cat, a 6 pound pom or...? He loves little kids and likes to wash their face.

As a side note, he is now finally lifting his leg when marking at the park. Still pees on his foot at home...LOL.

One of D'argo's sisters is more like 70 pounds and the others are mixed in between. He had one brother I expected to be big, but we have no contact.

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