I have been blessed to have 2 GSD's to reach 13 years of age (well technically Cheyenne won't be 13 until Feb. 16th). I think about this off and on through the years.

First GSD was good old American lines (before they became popular for show) and (cough) the sire was the police canine (was suppose to be used for breeding). He lived to 13 1/2 years old.

Current GSD is West German Showline and what we not would call BYB (no titles minimal health certifications).

So neither had any line breeding.

Are we sacrificing long term health for the perfect looking or perfect drives? Have we lost or soon to loose healthy GSD's who are 10 plus years?

This is for breeders: Do breeders look at the longevity when selecting their breeding pairs? Have we lost some of this due to Line Breeding?
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