She may not be able to tolerate ANY raw. If that's the case, just cooking the outside may not be enough.

Risa ate raw for 5 years until she was no longer able to tolerate it. Any raw meat gave her the serious runs and it was URGENT too. Not like her occasional loose poops due to several food sensitivities that were just an inconvenience.

Once I started home cooking for her, the urgent diarrhea resolved and she got better. But I have to be diligent and fully cook the meat. If it's a little pink in the middle, it can cause her to have loose poo (thankfully not the urgent diarrhea!).

I cook beef for her in the oven. I put 2 London broils on each cookie tray at 350 degrees for an hour. Then I cut them up into bite-sized pieces, put them in containers, and freeze them for the week. I make up a veggie mush as needed for additional nutrients and fiber. For calcium, she gets a calcium + D3 supplement since she cannot tolerate poultry/eggs and the NOW bone meal powder has eggshells in it.
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