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Codmaster, Kayos was in Open. I retired her soon after as she needed a hip replaced and the broad jump was beginning to bother her. She is nearly 14 now.

Thanks! and congrats on having such an old veteran dog! Ain't "Old dogs" so very special? Bummer on the poor girl having a hip problem! (I know the feeling!)

Don't blame you a bit, btw, for getting upset with a trainer that you thought was hurting your dog! I was just trying (not very well evidently) to explain my experience with Connie and perhaps a bit about why she was trying so hard to get your dog to "Improve" her performance.

She was one of the very few trainer/instructors who could handle my very headstrong bold dog when he was 4-5 yo and feeling his oats! She knew how to get through to him and he really liked her and responded very well to her handling.