We have had such hard time with Ronin and his food since we brought him home. He was on Raw for a long time, but then that got way too expensive, so we switched him to another raw food but that made him sick. We have since gone to the vet and the vet has put him in Royal Canin Hypersensitivy food that is working so far very well. Other than the fact that Ronin hates to eat the food. He ate it fine for the first 3 days we had him on it with no problems, then in the past 3 days he won't eat it. I checked his teeth, no problems, he's not lethargic or vomiting and no diarrhea.

I put hot water on the food to soften it a bit and he will eat some, but the only way to get him to eat it is if I put it in his crate when I leave in the morning for work and he eats it through out the day and at night just picks away at it. Any suggestions?
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