Ok you will hate me for this:

"put it in his crate when I leave in the morning for work and he eats it through out the day "

And at a seminar one of the trainers said: I know of no dog that has voluntarily starved himself to death.

For a bit of empathy:

My eldest wants an appetizer (generally her pills one of which gets smooshed and doctored with enhancement dujour). Sometimes she will eat in the morning. More likely she will eat in the evening. She likes company when she eats. She likes having her food messed with. If she eats in the evening she will eat both breakfast and dinner servings then - and often insist on more.

My youngest will eat all of it at any time it is offered. I don't know that she would ever refuse anything edible. She will eat so much that her digestive track rebels and she produces loose stools.

When I have a pair, I will have one picky eater and one foracious eater but when I have a lone picky eater, their attention to food has improved with the addition of some competition. It has also worked to offer the food, then put it away until the next meal if it isn't eaten.

Bottom line: If I remember right, this is your first dog. You are over thinking this.