He was good on raw for a while then he would have a bad bout of diarrhea. Near the end of doing the raw food, the last 2 months, he was constantly having diarrhea. Then we went to kibble and it got worse. Now we're to the point that we have to do something and find something he can tolerate. He was getting dehydrated, losing weight, and his poor bum was so red and sore. It's bene a very hard, and very expensive time for me. I just want him to feel better and get on a food that's good for him and that he can eat.

This other vet apparently is one that the majority of the city I live in love. He's been practicing for 40 years and I have a friend who was recently going through kind of the same thing with her mix breed dog, and after one visit with him, they figured out the problem and the dog is doing 100% better. Not saying this will happen with me, but this vet has a very good reputation. I didn't go to them before because they didn't have appointments for months, but they've brought on another vet to help so now we're going to see if we like him better.
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