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We actually have a pet scale at home and the girls get weight almost every weekday. My very (anal)ytical husband tracks their weight on a spreadsheet - but hey, everyone needs a hobby, right? Anyways, both girls hover around 80 lbs.


That's ok. I do the exact same thing. I work in IT so I am very logically and analytically driven. I have an Excel spreadsheet with 4 different worksheets on it that each track, compare, and chart various aspects of my GSD's growth and development. cool

Citra's weight is below (Monthly)

2 Months: 14.0
3 Months: 26.2
4 Months: 40.5
5 Months: 51.4
6 Months: 61.0
7 Months: 66.4
7.5 Months: 68.6 (Current)

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