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@MaxaLisa-I'm a little concerned that he will only eat all his food at night, but I think that's just him being picky. Because he will eat it all. I figure that he was on raw food for so long that he's wishing it was that.

We keep food available for Abby all day. She usually decides to eat it at night.
Sometimes she will eat during the day, sometimes she won't eat at all.
When her bowl is empty we refill it and she decides when and how much to eat.
She has maintained a healthy weight (with a waistline) her whole life this way.
Many people say a dog should not eat a lot before bedtime or before strenuous
exercise due to the danger of bloating. For that reason, if she decides to
eat at night, we restrict the amount to 2 cups. She usually stops at that
on her own.
Abby - GSD - 7/4/2009