Emily, while it is generally accepted that eating two or three meals over the course of 24 hours is healthier than eating one large meal, there has been no real conclusion about bloat except that dogs with deep narrow chests are more prone to it than dogs that are "rounder".
One of my friends who used to have Akitas did the entire routine - divided meals, no vigorous activity before and after meals and still had dogs bloat.
The best safeguard for preventing bloat I think is to know the signs and know where the emergency vet is located. I am one of the few people I know who had a dog survive bloat and go on to live a healthy, active life for many years.
The main factor I think contributed to her bloat was that she was very upset I had used some deer repellent in the yard. (over the top of newly planted bulbs to keep squirrels away). She planted herself on top of them & I had to physically remove her. She also fit the description - deep narrow chest, alert, active "go get it" dog.