Of course Codmaster, you are the perfect dog owner and never had a dog that had digestive issues that alter their normal eating habits. My first GSD went 5 days as an eight week old puppy and wouldn't eat and ate nothing. I took him to the vet we checked all kinds of things and could not come up with any reason why he wasn't eating. Finally I figured out through trail and error that you could never mix any thing with his food. If I wanted him to eat I would put a table spoon of left over or that ever in a small bowl next to his kibble, he would eat the goodies and then go eat his kibble. If I took the same goodies and placed it even on top of his food he wouldn't touch it. I had a dog with Pancreatits and there were days he was in a flare and didn't want to eat, but that is very dangerous for him, so some days I would make Oat Meal with ground meat in it and I would hand feed him if I had to to get him to eat. Another one of my GSD's was allergic to chicken and it took me a long time to figure it out. Another GSD if I didn't give her about 1/4 cup of food at bed time she would throw up bile in the AM and then I couldn't get her to eat.

So instead of being so right and a know it all, you could either be nicer or not post at all.

Emily, Glad to hear that you boy is doing better.
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