@codmaster-We did the only eat at certain times and then take the food up and then he just wouldn't eat, even when I would leave the food down. Resulting in the no eating for a week. I really don't want that to happen again. It scared me too much.

@Wisc.Tiger_Val-Thank you! I'm really glad he's getting better. I think there is something else going on, but I do think that a lot of the proteins bother his stomach. We seem to be on the right path right now, but we're just going day by day. Nice to know that I'm not alone with my experiences. smile

@Jane Jean-Oh no I hope your boy is OK! That would be awful to go to. Thankfully Ronin has been eating every day, and even if it's only at night for now I'll just keep my fingers crossed. I am planning on having the vet do some bloodwork this Friday when I see him to make sure that there isn't anything underlying that we're not seeing. Thankfully the gas has stopped, and he only had it for 2 days so fingers crossed!

This morning he ate most of his food I gave him, which was about half of the daily intake he should have, and he only left about half a cup, so I think he's coming back around, but it's just a process we have to work through. He's his normal self and as hyper as ever so we'll see how he does on Friday at the vet and cross my finger everything goes well. I'll make sure to let you know what the vet says! smile
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