Hey guys! Sorry I didn't update for a few days. It's thanksgiving here in Canada so we were very busy with guests and all the food. smile I took Ronin to the new vet on Friday and he feels that Ronin has either a high sensitivity to certain proteins or he has EPI. We are doing bloodwork next week (we would have done it that same day but he has to fast for 14 hours and he had eaten a few treats while there) to see if that's the cause and if not then he's pretty sure that it's just us having to play around with food for a bit until we find the one that agrees with him. He agrees that the Venison food he's on now, since it's working, is fine and that if it works, then we'll just watch and see what happens. He did say that Ronin is putting on weight and he is at the perfect weight (77.5 pounds) and looks perfectly healthy otherwise.

However, I did find out the other day, just before we went to the vet, that Ronin's 2 brothers from his litter have been put down due to illness. One of the patients from the dentist office I manage was in to see us and she knew exactly what litter Ronin was from when I told her his date of birth and where I got him. She said that one contracted an illness a few months ago and was put down, the other had a genetic condition and had to be put down as well. She couldn't give me specifics because she couldn't remember, but she did know that both dogs, and a few other litters they have had in the past have severe health problems. I told the vet this and he said that I was fine, Ronin was healthy, everything sounds good and his temperament was very good for a first visit to a new vet.

He also said that Ronin may be just one of those dogs that when they go for walks, they get over excited or stimulated and then they poop a lot, which will mean diarrhea and it's just something that I will have to deal with (which is fine) because he poops mostly normal now, other than his walks or after a lot of physical exercise.

I like the new vet and feel like we're on the right track. We go in next week for the bloodwork and we'll see what it says. Hopefully we'll figure out if it's that or something else and go from there. smile
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