We had always planned on getting him neutered at a year. We talked it over with the trainer first and he said a year for Ronin was fine. He's not going to be a working dog, we can't do Schutzhund with him, so the trainer said a year old was fine, and he turns a year old on November 29th, so we were thinking early December. The vet said anywhere between 12-14 months for Ronin is fine, with regards to bone growth and the growth plates closing. I know a lot of people want to wait until they're fully matured, but we want to do it sooner. We're also hoping that it will help simmer him down a bit. I know the whole myth thing about calming them down, but we would like to see some of the aggression come down a bit, because the trainer even said that was part of the issue. It's not going to go away, I know that, but it might help curb it a bit.
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