UPDATE: So we have found out that Ronin does not have EPI, he just has a lot of food sensitives. All bloodwork came back normal and he is as healthy as ever, putting on the correct amount of weight as well. The food he is currently on is doing great, but Ronin just has an active digestive system when it comes to exercise. Sometimes he will go 3 times on a walk, with the first being solid, the second being about 50% solid and the last nothing but water. Our vet said some dogs are just that way and we may never really 100% know why he does this, but it doesn't hurt him so he'll be fine. smile

I'm just glad that we are finally getting a few things figured out smile Ronin continues to only really eat at night, but the vet said that it is fine and that he's not losing weight so he's obviously not starving himself. He is having a bit of an allergic reaction to something but we're not sure if it's environmental or something else. The vet did say that since he has been on this food for 2 months now or so, his body might just be trying to get rid of the stuff that is still in his system from the old food but for now we're giving him some allergy meds to help with his itching and scratching.
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