Never fear in my dog, ever - from 10 weeks till now. 2 days ago, someone was pressure washing something in the alley adjoining my yard. She freaked. I thought she was going to try to leap the 6' chain link fence at the far end of the yard. She's always freaked out when I sneeze... sudden expulsion of air? same as pressure washer - jake brakes on semi?

2 days have passed and she now shows fear of any large truck noise while in the house. In the yard, she is showing fear. This is a total reversal of how she's been since a pup.

I've been diverting with her favorite ball but it only works for short periods. Any ideas how I can reverse this quick B4 it sets in?

Should I take her out every time a semi pulls up and treat, ball with her on long line? You think your concerns are over at this age, then something like this pops up.