Just a warning. The Herm Sprenger suddenly fell off my GSD again today on a busy street. The first time it happened - sure, operator error. The 2nd time... I swear it was right... again - benefit of doubt (something I did wrong.

3rd fail.. no way. So I ordered the HS quick release version. I only use the HS with her when we're starting out on the busy streets again after winter as she needs initial reminders. Today, I took her out on the HS with regular collar to convert. She was 1 day on the HS and doing fine.

HS dropped in the middle of the busy street. Thank God I had her license collar backup on. I heard a "chunk metal" hit the ground and automatically reached down to grab and clip the leash to the regular collar.

Somethings wrong with the HS. It was exactly in proper place and active when it dropped, I was extremely aware of placement this time and in fact was looking at her neck for placement when it just popped off before my eyes. I don't get it - unless long hair around the top neck line is, when it moves just right - causing a link fail. But! I was looking right at the upper neck area when it popped and it was from the 3rd link down on one side! I don't get it. Any similar experiences? Thanks:)