HI all! Gracie's sleep cycles seem to be off the past few days. When this originally happened we started her on 3mg of melatonin. She started sleeping through the night. After a couple months had to up it to 5mg for her to sleep through the night. Now she's been up at night again,she sleeps a couple hours then thinks it's time to get up/go out/eat breakfast along with a lot of whining during the day and not sleeping during the day. LOL I'm exhausted! She's staring at walls more, licking the air or herself for no reason (no medical reason, not nauseous), whining a ton (again, no medical reason, no pain). She eats 4 small meals a day due to tummy issues so she's not hungry. Any suggestions? I texted my chief of staff and we're increasing increasing the melatonin to twice a day. I really do not want to use the prescription old dog meds. She's already on vetmedin and enalapril (dilated cardiomyopathy) and proin (urinary incontinence). Even with her getting me up at least twice a night, I still love this girl like there's no tomorrow. Any other thoughts or suggestions?

In March she had this weird eye swelling thing, thought it was a tooth. Did dental, xrays, nasal xrays, ultrasound of eyes...fearing it was a brain tumor (thank god I work for a veterinarian). Sent her pictures and reports to several specialists. Did 2 weeks of Clavamox and the mystery swelling went away. This girl loves to give me gray hair!!!

Jen, proudly owned by Gracie, my heart & soul, my best friend

Gracie DOB 1/19/06 into our hearts 3/19/06

Accomplishments: CGC, TD, TT, PT [IMG]http://i536.photobucket.com/albums/ff325/graciemetzger/Pre-trial%20leg%202/sheep.gif[/IMG]