Very sad to tell you all, after a short battle with hemagino, Ghost, belovedly owned by Kris, passed away in March. Kris has left the forum as well as facebook as this has been so sad for her. Tragically, she lost her husband about a month after Ghost. I speak to hear daily and she has stayed here with us for a few days. Gracie, at he request of Kris's father in law, attended her "uncles" funeral and brought a great deal of joy to everyone. They all mentioned how she and Ghost could have been twins.

We will miss Ghost very much. He had an amazing life of long walks, trips to the beach and more balls to play with than anyone could imagine. Hug your family - fur and skin - a little tighter tonight.

Rest well Ghosty boy xoxo

Jen, proudly owned by Gracie, my heart & soul, my best friend

Gracie DOB 1/19/06 into our hearts 3/19/06

Accomplishments: CGC, TD, TT, PT [IMG][/IMG]