Gracie looks amazing wub Not sure I have a lot of helpful advise but Shoshi is almost 13 so they are both beautiful seniors. Not long ago I noticed I'd awake in the middle of the night to find Shoshi panting. Of course I checked her out medically and thankfully nothing is wrong. What I've done is try to set up her sleep area so that if she does wake up hopefully she will relax and go back to sleep.

I have a fan set on low that blows air to one area where she sleeps. She can either take advantage of the cooler air or not, its up to her. I have nightlights now which I think helps everyone if they wake up in the dark. I also purchased a sound machine. We walk to the ocean everyday so I thought the sound of the ocean would be soothing for her if she were to awake at night. I also have a lavender filled pillow under her bed that I hope she finds soothing.

Shoshi doesn't wake me up ready to go like Gracie does, but I did want to make sure she's comfy if she does wake up. I know she's suffered from the loss of Shiloh and think she may be waking up feeling stressed. So far I think she's happy with the arraignment.

I also feed my pups several smaller meals each day. I can't help but to think this is better for their blood sugars especially as they age. I can't help you with the feeding stuff, Shoshi has me well trained to stand there and talk to her while she eats. Otherwise she will just walk away.

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