Gracie is still such a pretty girl! I don't want to scare you, but staring at the wall, sleep issues, and whining for no reason can be symptoms of Canine Cognitive Disorder (CCD). Does she ever get really scared at night, try to squeeze into small spaces, pace a lot, or act like she's listening for something? Heidi has had CCD for about three years, but we've kept it at bay pretty well with Cholodin, a supplement that helps brain function. She still sometimes has periods where she gets scared and has problems sleeping, but for the most part, she's doing very well.

I hope Gracie doesn't have this, but if she does, there are quite a few supplements, medications, etc., that can help.
Karin and Dave

Heidi, 12-year-old GSD
Adopted on 10/14/07 from: German Shepherd Rescue of Northern California (

Sheba, GSD/Malamute angel