A question. We are probably going to get a rescue adult GSD in the next couple months or as soon as we find the right guy/girl.

My question is this - assuming the dog has had no or minimal formal OB training (which I will assume for a rescue but could be surprised) What would be a good reasonable estimate for how long it would take an experienced but certainly not a pro OB/rally trainer to get the dog to the level where we could show him in Utility and/or Rally Excellent.

I do realize of course the WIDE variation in what this could/should take but was curious as to what experienced OB/Rally trainers might think, keeping in mind that since I am retired I can spend as much time as needed to train.

My thought from the OB and Rally experience we have had is that it might be considerablly quicker to get him/her thru the Rally than the more formal and stricter regular AKC obedience. we have trained a couple of GSDs thru the Utility and Excellent exercises.

Thoughts/considerations/estimates/discussion? Assume (big assumption) no medical or behavior (dog or handler) problems.