I guess I wasn't totally clear on this mess. July 5 I started dealing with the sheriff's office about this. They said it would be best if I got photos of the dogs ON my property. So that's what with the surveillance, photos, etc.
I worked on nailing down days that people were accosted by the dog(s) yesterday and was getting ready to submit this or call and see what they wanted to do with it (cops not neighbors).

Wellll, after the last "nailed it" shots were funky because of a lens cover that didn't open fully, tonight I did get some good ones. I've delayed going to the cop shop with this latest and I guess that's why (that I would get better photos). Didn't get everyone at the charge but got clear shots of two unarguably where they weren't supposed to be. SD will be so pleased that his discussion with the fine neighbors did little good. (he will not be surprised but I am sure that they are hopeful the fools will listen sometime).

Once I deliver the goods I know that sonny boy will resume cursing me at the top of his lungs.